10 Things To Do Before Fashion Week

10 things to do before fashion week

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Fashion Week is just around the corner! Of course we all already know what we’re wearing but what about the other stuff? 

You know the stuff that you remember to do the night before. You spend all night prepping and the next day the bags under your eyes match perfectly with your Celine bag. No bueno. Don’t worry here is a short but useful list of things you should do before fashion week.

eating clean

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1. Tailor your clothes and diet. Start eating clean.

2. Visit the dentist to have your teeth whitened or do it yourself at home. 

3. Cut back on alcohol and sugar. You can drink as much you’d like at the after parties. 

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4. Schedule your hair appointment 2 days before with a your usual stylist not a new one.

5. Ramp up your work routine. Add those extra reps and squats. 

6.Get 8 hours of sleep daily.

7. Pamper yourself a facial or a sheet mask

8. Schedule your manicure and pedicure the day before so your paws and fresh and shiny. 

9. Exfoliate your body especially after this harsh winter.

10. Write your packing list. A great trick is to think of what you’ll wear/need each day from the plane to the runway.




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