Eco-Chic With Designer Bridgett Artise

Bridgett Artise

Though I’ve been out of the classroom for some time now I was lucky enough to get a quick lesson in Eco-chic fashion from designer Bridgett Artise. The author of Born Again Vintage and owner of BAV Collective invited me to her lovely shop after closing for my very own style session.


BAV StoreI’ve always been a fan of vintage apparel, but I especially love the way that Bridgett remixes pieces from pasts eras with modern details. You’re able to purchase one of the kind dresses and separates that you wouldn’t find anywhere else. With BAV Collective she has joined forces with other talented designers that specialize in second chance style. But don’t be fooled, when you step into her cute little shop on Glenridge Avenue in Montclair, NJ you won’t find a dress made of hemp or other crunchy items you would imagine to find in an eco-shop.Bridgett and the other designers are bringing sustainability to the forefront of fashion. From beautifully crafted rings made from recycled paper to reworked menswear blazers that look as if they’ve been plucked off the runway.Now grab your notebooks to write down Professor Bridgett’s eco-chic tips for your back to school shopping.


BAV Vintage Accessories

Tip # 1~ Accessorize

Accessories are an easy way to add a bit of chic to any outfit and finding eco-friendly pieces that are both cute and affordable has gotten a lot easier.

Back-to-School with DSW



fete du juliet | eco-chicTip #2 ~Mix It Up

Don’t throw out your entire wardrobe and replace it with vintage finds. That defeats the entire purpose! Pair what you already have in your closet or even what you newly purchased with a vintage item. Bridgett’s skirt is the perfect piece to remix!







My OutfitTip #3~ Try Everything On!

You’re not a walking hanger so don’t assume that just because something doesn’t look good on a hanger it won’t look good on you.

I love the outfit that Bridgett styled for me. The asymmetrical blouse (formerly a dress) looked too big on the hanger but when I tried it on it fit perfectly. We paired it with denim balloon shorts and a chunky bright cloth necklace. I definitely was the teacher’s pet, but in this case I was totally okay with it.

Photographer & Videographer turned model Laudaine Simeon

Photographer & Videographer turned model Laudaine Simeon


I had a blast playing dress up and getting schooled in the art of vintage mixology. We actually recorded a great interview that will air on my new Youtube channel in a few weeks so stay tuned! In the meantime you can earn extra credit by visiting Bridgett at BAV Collective in Montclair, NJ and her Facebook Page.  And for advanced lessons you can purchase her book at the shop or online.


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