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5 Ways To Add Sequins To Your Daily Wardrobe

Ways To Wear Sequins 3

Pink Sequin Skirt

Original Photography by Lester Platt

5 Ways To Add Sequins To Your Daily Wardrobe

I love sequins. It hasn’t always been a big love affair. I just remember the shiny material layered or patched onto my mother’s Nigerian party outfits. So I used to see it as an older woman’s fabric. (more…)

101 Pink Dress Ideas Under 100 Dollars For Valentine’s Day


Original photography and floral design by Carma Hauge

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Pink Dress Ideas

If you follow me on Instagram then you know I’m huge fan of the color pink. So when a holiday like Valentine’s Day comes around I’m literally in social media marketing heaven. (more…)

Faux Fur Coat Finds Under $500

Wanted to quickly post this blog about my faux fur coat find under $500! Unfortunately, I discovered it while vintage shopping in New Jersey, but I think you’ll love my finds below. They’re all under $500. Happy shopping!



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