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I took this photo on the way to meet the editor of my new web series 50 States of Dating :: Love is a State of Mind. I think it was perfect moment for me to walk in front of this sign especially because I was looking for to make sure that I was doing the right thing in producing this show and exposing my life in such a way. The internet is a crazy place. Though I’ve been blogging for some time now I’ve been lucky enough to be sheltered away from “haters” and “trolls” because I’m not that popular and my content isn’t very personal so no one can really take it personally.

Bu this show will be 250% personal. You can read details of the story here. But I will basically be going on 50 first dates with 50 guys, one from each state. My outfits will actually be highlighted here on Fete du Juliet in addition to the blog and YouTube channel. The first episode will air on Valentine’s Day. The official trailer will air next week. I’m both terrified and excited. What ever the ending this will definitely be an interesting story. Hope you guys will join me.

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