5 Ways To Add Sequins To Your Daily Wardrobe

Ways To Wear Sequins 3

Pink Sequin Skirt

Original Photography by Lester Platt

5 Ways To Add Sequins To Your Daily Wardrobe

I love sequins. It hasn’t always been a big love affair. I just remember the shiny material layered or patched onto my mother’s Nigerian party outfits. So I used to see it as an older woman’s fabric. That was until I discovered  Ashish Gupta. Born in Delhi, he must have had the same experiences that I did growing up, seeing the women in our communities wearing beautifully embellished designs to celebrations. I love how he took his background and intelligently mashed it with London streetwear. He’s my fashion brother from another mother.


Now you won’t find Ashish on High Street but luckily High Street brands have taken his cue and have added beautiful sequined pieces to their lines that are more budget friendly but still satisfy your need for something pretty and sparkly.  

Ways To Wear Sequins Ways To Wear Sequins 2

I fell in love with this pink sequined skirt when I saw European blogger Jacqueline Mikuta casually rocking it on her Instagram feed. So I naively thought I could just one a tab, go to hm.com and scoop up my new find. Um nope. That pretty shiny baby was sold out. (It’s available now and you can get it here!)

Luckily the fashion gods came to the rescue and I found the skirt on the sales rack at the H&M in Union Square! I brought my baby home to add to the rest of my sequin collection. If you love sequins but don’t know how to incorporate it into your daily wardrobe here are 5 simple ways.

Afternoon Tea at The Crosby Hotel

1.Start from the top and add sequined decorated hat or headband.


2. Get a cute sequin clutch or bag.



3.Join the crowd with a sequin skirt.



4.Top it off with a gorgeous blouse or turtleneck.



5.Cover up with a vintage style jacket or coat.




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