buckingham palace changing of the guard

We were in Paris for just 3 days and then took the train to London. (Check out 3 Day Trip Guide: Paris)  Well, at least my friend did. I think Mercury was in retrograde or I was just a terrible traveler this trip because I waited until the last minute to get my train ticket and it was over 300 Euros! 0_o  Like um no. So I searched for one-way flights and found a really inexpensive one for the next morning at 7:30 am. The rest were too rich for my blood. Mind you we planned on partying until 3am, that coupled with jetlag, I ended up being locked out of the flight. You were supposed to arrive 2 hours before. Which was nuts, me and my fellow would-be passengers (around 20) just looked at the ticket staff in sleepy shock. Thank goodness I had my smartphone and opted for the Verizon travel plan. I was able to search on my phone for buses from Paris to London. I found some really great options for under 30 euros. So I finally was on a bus to London. Fun fact , you actually have to cross the English Channel so the bus is loaded on this water freight thingy. My claustrophobia wasn’t triggered due to the fact I was so exhausted from partying and missing flights that I slept most of the way.

Anyhoo- I finally arrived in London and this how I spent the 3 days that I had left.



3 Day Trip Guide London:


Eat: Tea at Sketch

Note: Call for Reservations of you want the Pink Room

Top 5 Dumpling Restaurants In Manhattan

Play: Shopping in Soho

Drinks: Milk & Honey



Brunch: The Breakfast Club

Buckingham Palace (Changing of the guard)

Touristy Stuff : London Eye/ Westminster Abbey

NOTE: London has a great public transportation system so we didn’t have to pay for the hop on hop off pass we just walked and took the tube to see most of the sights.

Dinner: Whyte and Brown

Dancing: Barrio Central (Very easy door)


Eat: Brunch at Shoreditch Grind

Play: Shopping in Box Park

Eat: Proper Fish & Chips at Sutton & Sons

Drink: Dog Star and Prince of Wales (right above a KFC LOL)



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