KAS New York Blouse and Skirt

Chic Voyage:: Spain with KAS New York

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Last week I headed to Spain for my friends’ wedding and to shoot the final episodes of 50 States of Dating. Thanks to KAS New York I didn’t suffer a headache from trying to find the perfect dress to wear to the wedding. They had it waiting for me in their showroom along with a few outfits for my trip.

KAS New York Maxi DressKAS New York Printed Maxi Dress

When I arrived in Madrid I immediately headed to Atocha Train Station to catch a 3 hour train to Madrid. I was exhausted by the time I checked into my hotel but I perked up when I saw how fab I looked in this printed KAS New York maxi dress. It was a hit a the pre-wedding party.


spain 5 KAS New York Maxi SkirtI spent the morning of the wedding exploring the town of Linares in the lovely printed maxi. I paired it with a white button down and gladiator sandals.

spain 8 spain 7 KAS New York Sequin DressNow for the big reveal the dress for the wedding! This was a beautiful sequin number that was light and comfy which was surprising given the fabric. KAS is a genius with intricate designs and fabrics.

spain 10 KAS New York Blouse and SkirtI felt like quite the senorita when I headed back to Madrid the next in this blouse and skirt. The skirt has to be my favorite piece.

All in all I had a super short yet super chic voyage to Spain thanks to KAS New York.

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fête fitness with Target® C9 Activewear

Target 1

I love working out outdoors but the East Coast humidity has been pretty brutal. I know you’re supposed to sweat when working out but it was getting a bit ridiculous and embarrassing during group sessions. Luckily I found out about the Target® C9 activewear collection. The shorts, tops and even sneakers are lined and help me stay dry. Fashionable, functional and fiscally sound the Target® C9 activewear collection should definitely be a workout wardrobe staple.

Target 3

Below are a few of my favorite lower body workout moves.

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Current Shopping List :: Wedding In Spain


Two more weeks until I head to Spain for my best friends’ wedding! Here’s what is currently in my shopping cart. Should I pull the trigger?












Me & My Dad

5 Things My Father Taught Me About Dating


So I’m currently on date number 41 and I have two weeks until the wedding the Spain. I may or may not have found a date. You’ll have to watch the new episodes in July to find out. Sorry! Dating all these men has taught me a lot about dating but I thought I’d review the lessons I learned from the first guy I met on this earth.

Me & My Dad


  1. Never Date A Guy Who Doesn’t Take Care of His Shoes

Basically a guy with terrible foot support will never go places. I remember dating a guy who wore these ratty Sketchers and we went out after dinner one night and tried to get into this lounge to meet friends and the door guy looked at my guy’s feet and told us to go to Kenneth Cole or go home.


  1. Never Chase Boys

I’m the oldest of four and have a younger brother. One day these stupid boys were picking on him so I threatened to beat them up. One hit me and ran away, so of course I ran after the lil jerk. Unfortunately my father just saw me chasing the kid. So during dinner I he went on and on about how I should never ever ever chase a boy. “Boys don’t appreciate being caught. They appreciate things they catch.”


  1. Be His Friend First

I didn’t really date in high school, I went to boarding school and relationships got super stressful when you’re sixteen and have to live with your boyfriend. So when I got to college I pretty much fell in love with any guy with curly lashes and a car to take me off campus. After receiving my fourth call about a new boyfriend, my father had had enough. ‘Why don’t you try getting to know these boys before giving them the honor of being your boyfriend. They should earn it by being a good friend.”


  1. Never Date A Man Who Cares To Much About Money

Don’t get him wrong. He wanted me to be with someone successful. But also someone who was smart enough to realize the money wasn’t everything.


  1. He Should Love Your Mind

You shouldn’t date a guy who simply wants you for your looks. If his love is tied to your looks you have a problem because looks fade.



Happy Father’s Day!






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